Sustainability Peyer Bern

Sustainability Peyer Bern

Sustainability peyer bern

How we are committed to more sustainability and climate protection.

We focus on sustainable thinking and acting, so we base our business decisions on ecological and social principles.

  • Clean on the road, today for the future

    As a company, we have been taking responsibility for future generations and the environment for years. As a transport company, we are CO2-neutral and are committed to climate neutrality.
  • peyer bern produces its own electricity on the roof of the warehouse

    We have installed a photovoltaic system on our roof. The 300 kW system produces an annual yield of approx 260,000 KWh / year, with which we can fully cover our electricity requirements of approx 110,000 kWh per year with green electricity.
  • Eco-Drive - we are on the move economically

    "Our chauffeurs learn how to drive economically right from the start and know the ECO principles. So we can reduce fuel consumption reduction in the long term. By correctly assessing the traffic situation, the ECO-Driver also contributes to road safety."

``Climate-neutral company`` label received from the myClimate foundation

Together with the myClimate foundation, we have developed a strategy for sustainable climate protection. As a result, today, we can proudly say that peyer bern has been completely climate-neutral since January 1st, 2020, and is therefore allowed to use the label “climate-neutral company”.

With targeted climate protection measures, we want to continue to take on the pioneering role in the moving and logistics industry in ecological and energy-efficient work and voluntarily offset our emissions following the Kyoto Protocol.

You too can set an example in a myClimate climate protection project

Small gesture – big impact. You too can support climate protection with a personal donation!

With a small surcharge of CHF 0.40 per man hour you support our efforts for climate protection (approx. CHF 10.00 per moving day).

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NOTE: Climate neutrality

The strong climate protection alliance in Bern

The city of Bern supports the business climate platform within the framework of their sustainability program, “”Local Agenda 21″”. The companies in the city and region of Bern take their responsibility seriously: You use resources sustainably and minimize your CO2 emissions.
The city of Bern’s business climate platform is the driving force behind it
Efforts: as a strong alliance of members, as a network, and as a know-how platform.

Peyer Bern has been a member of the business climate platform since 2010.

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