How much does it cost to move with a moving company?

I’m definitely one of those people who like to move. In between, really clear out, throw off ballast and then start over at the new place of residence. But this time it’s somehow different.

My usual moving team is not to be encouraged for my planned project and certainly not to be mobilized. So I opted for the more convenient alternative of a moving company. You can read about the thoughts I had before I moved, how the whole thing looks financially, in the following blog.

Moving company or moving privately?

First and foremost, it should be carefully considered whether the move should be carried out on your own or with a moving company. Important factors are not only time and money, but also many questions that plague you:

  • When do I pack the moving boxes?
  • How do I transport my belongings from the old to the new apartment?
  • Do I have help lugging the moving boxes and furniture?
  • What about bulky furniture, the grand piano and the washing machine?

It is also advisable to make a rough list of all the costs that arise with a private move:

  • vans
  • mover
  • packing material
  • fuel
  • no parking sign
  • disposal
  • meals for the movers
  • loss of work in the shop
  • childcare
  • tools for disassembling the furniture
  • etc.

A private move definitely takes longer and is much more labour-intensive. Moving house with the help of a moving company can be more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. What many do not know: A moving company is often cheaper than you think, because there are moving companies for almost every budget. You just have to compare to save.

That speaks for a moving company

Moving companies often offer a move with a cost ceiling, where you pay a total price for all services. There are not only price differences between the various providers, but also from region to region and from weekday to weekday.

My savings tips:

Saving tip no. 1: additional cargo

If you only have a small single household or are moving out of a flat share, it is best to ask about a co-loading or a mini-move. This saves a lot of money compared to a complete move.

Saving tip no. 2: Offer

Some moving companies give you the opportunity to create your moving offer yourself. Here you save the moving company time, which they should spend on preparing the offer. This time will then be refunded to you in the offer. You can also protect your wallet in this way.

Saving tip no. 3: Day of the week

Another effective way to save is when you move. Most moves take place on Saturdays – the moving companies are accordingly very busy. If you move during the week, for example on a Monday or Wednesday, you will also save a lot of money.

Saving tip no. 4: Compare

In general, there are enormous price fluctuations between the moving companies. We therefore advise you to compare different providers with each other and pay particular attention to hidden costs. Because often not all costs are presented transparently. So ask for all details or, if possible, ask for a cost ceiling.

You can find various free online comparison services all over the Internet so that offers from moving companies can be compared. Simply fill it out and you will receive up to three non-binding offers from moving companies in your area within a reasonable period of time.

Of course, your personal living situation also has a major impact on the price.

  • Size and furnishings of the apartment/house
  • Floors
  • Distance old place of residence – new place of residence
  • Access apartment / house
  • Distance road – apartment / house
  • floor / elevator
  • Type of staircase (large, narrow, easily accessible)
  • personal contributions

Apartment size Estimated performance Estimated time spent
1 – 1½ room 25m3 vehicle, driver + 1 men approx. 3-4 hours
2 – 2½ rooms 25m3 vehicle, driver + 2 men approx. 4-5 hours
3 – 3½ rooms 35m3 vehicle, driver + 2-3 men approx. 5-6 hours
4 – 4½ rooms 45m3 vehicle, driver + 3-4 men approx. 6-7 hours
5 – 5½ rooms 70m3 vehicle, driver + 4-5 men approx. 8-9 hours
From 6 rooms 70m3 vehicle, driver + 5 men approx. 9-10 hours

Moving company or own initiative: What is worthwhile and when?

Moving with a company is advisable if:

  • You have little time
  • The move should be carried out as quickly or comfortably as possible
  • You suffer from health restrictions
  • You do not have a driver’s license to drive a trailer
  • Your apartment is over 40 m²
  • You live in a multi-family household
  • You want to save yourself the stress of moving
  • You have valuable moving goods

Moving on your own initiative is a good decision if:

  • You have plenty of time
  • You live in a single household or are moving out of the sheltered parental home
  • The move can be carried out over several days
  • You are in good health
  • The smaller the goods to be transported, the easier it is for you to manage moves on your own.

So make the right decision and compare wherever possible.

Have fun decluttering, packing and moving. All the best in your new home!

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