Rent cheap storage space in Bern, quickly and easily

I had packed away my school books somewhere. How long do bank details, employment contracts and certificates have to be kept? And where do I put my piano in the new but much smaller apartment, which hasn’t been played on in recent years anyways? And somewhere there are still my great-grandmother’s crockery and a mattress should also be lying around.

If you have far too many things that you don’t want to or can’t get rid of, a storage room, a container or a place in the outdoor storage area is quite useful. But with storage – whetherit’s a short or long term solution – there are a few things to consider so that everything is returned in perfect condition.

Easy and flexible storage

The right environment is always necessary for this. Paper, mattresses and pianos are extremely demanding when it comes to storage. The msot important is that the stored goods are properly packaged, stored at the right temperature and, of course, in secure rooms. So even after years you will have your memories and goods in perfect condition.

The right packaging

Depending on the item to be stored, it is important to pack it professionally in order to protect the item from heat, moisture, mold, etc. So find out in advance not only about the right storage but also about the right packaging material:

  • protective covers
  • Airtight storage boxes
  • bubble wrap
  • Etc.

An ideal camp…

  • is free of moisture, mold, dust or other contaminants
  • has between 40 and 50% relative humidity
  • has a constant temperature of 18 to 20 °C
  • is protected from the sun
  • does not allow unauthorized access (in the best case with video surveillance)
  • requires secure access control
  • is equipped with a fire alarm system
With the mobile hall crane, your treasures can be safely stowed away in containers

A clear system

Even before the piano goes into the heated piano room, the dishes are deposited in the container and the files move into a storage box, it is important to organize everything well. This is the only way to quickly find your way around the almost forgotten goods and documents, even years later. This means that the piano must be carefully wrapped with blankets, the crockery well protected in a crockery box and the files well organized in folders (preferably with an overview of the contents so that everything can be found quickly) and then packed in the folder box.

Find all objects to be stored together. Whether files, toys, your record collection – pack everything carefully in the appropriate packaging material to protect everything appropriately before transport and storage. If it is furniture, we advise you to disassemble it and pack it in protective covers so that no damage occurs.

For quick access to your own belongings without having to search for a long time, it is important that the boxes and storage boxes are clearly labeled. Stable, high-quality cardboard boxes or even airtight storage boxes are best suited.

How much does a storage space cost?

Not all storage prices are as transparent as at Peyer Bern. But not only the price alone is decisive, but also the comfort, security and insurance of the individual storage providers. So make sure in advance which costs you can expect and what services you will receive.

Which storage room should I get?

The range of suitable storage space is large, but also very different. Get good advice from every provider. He can calculate the space required for your stored goods and the detailed costs in detail.

Container warehouse Peyer Bern

Start storing!

Now that everything has been decided and all the preparations have been made, the storage can take place. All you have to do is let us know your desired date so that we can professionally pack and transport everything directly to you on site or professionally provide the material for storage. You will find everything you need for this in our shop. We will be happy to take care of all other work for you, such as organizing the transport vehicles, as well as booking and providing the storage space.

We wish you all the best and look forward to helping you with your storage.

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