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Your company employs professional drivers with a licence for the transport of passengers and goods who have to comply with the new obligation to undergo further training. The Chauffeur Licensing Ordinance (CZV) obliges professional drivers of heavy commercial vehicles (driving licence categories C/C1, D/D1) to complete further training courses totalling 35 hours within five years.

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Practical training – tips and tricks from professionals for professionals

As an asa-certified company, we offer you the obligatory CZV courses in a practice-oriented manner and in various modules. The following range of courses is available:


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    As an asa-certified company, we offer you the mandatory CZV courses in a practice-oriented manner and in various modules.
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    CZV – Course for drivers – education and training

    Our courses are exciting, varied and, above all, practice-oriented.

    ECO-Drive - economical driving style

    In this course, the participants will learn an economical driving style and the ECO principles. Fuel consumption will be reduced in the long term. By correctly assessing the traffic situation, the ECO Driver additionally contributes to road safety.



    Every participant
    – is aware of what eco driving means.
    – is able to name eco-driving rules.
    – is able to assess driving situations in such a way that he can drive his vehicle according to eco-driving principles.
    – is aware that eco-driving also has to do with road safety.
    – understands that a good chauffeur drives according to eco-driving principles.

    290.00 excl. VAT

    Ergonomics and fire protection

    In this course, the participants learn in a playful way how to relax during long, strenuous journeys with
    simple physical movements during long, strenuous journeys. Participants will be able to adjust their driver’s seats correctly, preventing possible tension. They also brush up on how to lift loads correctly using the necessary aids. Participants also learn the correct behavior in the event of a fire.



    Every participant will learn:
    – The anatomy/function of the human skeleton or muscles;
    – Will work according to the principle of lifting correctly / carrying right;
    – Allow yourself to move breaks/train muscles instead of ruining your health;
    – Sits comfortably and correctly at the wheel;
    – The correct posture at work;
    – To recognize the risk of fire at an early stage;
    – Understand fire protection correctly;
    – Can use extinguishing agents efficiently;
    – How to behave correctly in the event of fire accidents;
    – The term fire triangle;
    – How to extinguish fire properly;
    – To connect a car battery, plus and minus, with a metal rod;
    – Recognize relevant regulations according to FEDRO;
    – How to behave correctly in the event of a fire in tunnels;
    – How to extinguish a burning person.

    290.00 excl. VAT

    First aid for professional drivers

    In this course, the participants learn to master extraordinary situations.



    Every participant
    – Can correctly apply the basic resuscitation skills (BLS), including automatic defibrillation (AED), in children and adults.
    – Learn general first aid measures, self-protection, alarms, recognizing important symptoms of illness, hemostasis, and the treatment of broken bones are instructed and conveyed theoretically and practically.

    290.00 excl. VAT

    Vehicle technology

    In this course, the participants learn how to correctly prepare the truck for the journey.
    Trip preparation
    – Operation DTCO / MTCO
    – Operation Emotach (declaration of towing vehicle and trailer)
    – Understand and correctly interpret on-board instruments
    – Check and repair lighting
    – Know the superstructures and handle them safely
    – cargo (marking)
    – “All-round check” (daily checkpoints)
    – Observe the vehicle’s operating instructions

    wheel and tires
    – Basic knowledge of tires
    – wheel change
    – Mount snow chains

    Electrical system
    – Change the bulb yourself
    – Find and replace blown fuses
    – Understand the electrical structure of the vehicle
    – Know the basic features of electrical systems (EBS)
    – Outside lighting
    – Connect / bridge batteries

    – Coupling and uncoupling of trailers



    At the end of the course, every participant
    – Can correctly prepare the truck/trailer for the journey;
    – Can independently carry out minor control and maintenance work on the truck;
    – Knows the most important names of the tires. – can change wheels independently;
    – Can put on snow chains;
    – Knows the basic features of the truck’s electrical system and can explain its function and operation;
    – Knows the different types of trailers and can use them correctly in everyday life;
    – Can operate the clutch and compressed air systems reliably.

    290.00 excl. VAT

    Outdoor elevator and basic moving training

    In this course, the participants develop various regulations and measures for the safe installation and operation of the elevator and learn the basics of accident prevention.

    Thanks to practical work on various furniture and facade lifts, those taking part in the course gain confidence and security to effectively facilitate their work.

    The participants also learn the correct use and correct application of various moving aids to avoid accidents at work and damage to furniture.



    In this course, every participant
    – Learn the operating instructions for elevator operation;
    – The basics of accident prevention;
    – Identifies the types and load limits of the various elevators;
    – Can interpret the load diagrams;
    – Set up an elevator at least once;
    – Can plan and work out a move independently;
    – Independently assembles the necessary moving tools;
    – Can lift properly with belts and carrying aids;
    – Understands different types of packaging;
    – Can disassemble and reassemble furniture independently;
    – Can adequately load and secure moving goods;
    – Can deal with emergencies independently.

    290.00 excl. VAT


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